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Are You Spreading Negativity?

The truth of your job is that your results don’t matter. The perception of you and your results is actually what determines your career. Spreading negativity can have a massive impact on the perception others have. When you focus on other people’s faults you are actually doing more damage to your own career. 

How to Be More Persuasive

On today’s episode, I am with Brian Ahearn and he is going to teach you how to be more persuasive. This is an essential skill to have in your career and the best news is it CAN be learned. Learn: Liking – In order to be more persuasive you have to like the person your …

Quick Tip: Setting Project Deadlines

Setting project deadlines is always a perilous task. In this short episode, I will give you a few quick tips that can help you navigate this difficult situation.  1. Never open your Mouth without all details.  2. Always have two timelines ready  3. Over-communicate like crazy  4. Don’t sweat it too much, all deadlines are made …