Best Advice I ever got: Hire a Coach

Eric Schmidt – Former CEO of Google

Everyone who is serious about their career has a coach guiding them along the path. Doesn’t matter if it is athletics or business, a coach will push you to your true potential.

Dealing with any of this?

  • New process’s that are slowing everything down
  • Your team is not buying into your strategy
  • Your overworked and having trouble delegating
  • Can’t figure out who to hire
  • Need to decide how to grow your team
  • Having trouble hitting the company objectives
  • Need to re-organize and trying to find the best strategy

Being a coach doesn’t mean you can play the game better it just means you can look at things with fresh eyes. A coach can be a sounding board and a trusted confidant. Unlike everyone else around you a coach is only concerned with your success.

Donald has encountered some pretty fascinating scenarios during his tenure and can help use his functional knowledge to guide you down the correct path.