Donald focuses on giving practical, actionable advice people can actually use. He focuses on lessons learned in the real world mixed with research and storytelling.

What Donald Teaches

How to Manage through Chaos

Let’s be honest with ourselves, nothing goes according to plan. Deadlines are missed, employees go crazy, and stuff breaks. Learning how to be successful despite the environment around you is the only way to make it.

  • How to Manage your team in times of uncertainty
  • How to Manage yourself when you can’t control the outcome
  • Understand Perceptions role in your success
  • Relationships matter more than results

How not to suck as a Manager

There is so much advice out there on how to be a great leader and yet why are there so many bad ones? It is because we are focusing on the wrong things!

  • What your team actually cares about
  • How to manage your boss effectively
  • The right way to communicate to your team
  • What to do when it all goes bad

Custom Speaking options

Donald will also provide custom topics upon request. He can tailor his talks directly to your audience.