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Find the Cracks in your Company

I was driving down the interstate and I heard a loud CRACK. The sound was deafening and caused me to jump. I looked across my windshield and found that I was now the proud owner of a small rock chip. It was actually quite surprising that such a loud sound came from such a small chip. …

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Really enjoyed being a guest on The ThriveTime Show! Transcript Below: See on today’s show, we’re talking about bringing the soul to quality control. You love to rhyme, don’t you? It’s so fun. I do too. I do like dry them all the time. And we’re talking about lead six Sigma, how to become a …

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The Modern Manager

I Loved being a guest on The Modern Manager podcast with host Mamie Kanfer Stewart. Listen to our conversation about how to be a rockstar middle manager by making your boss and your team successful! Episode links – the episode can be found at: and is also on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, and Spotify.

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