The BOOK- Surrounded by Insanity: How to Execute Bad Decisions

The truth is we all feel like we are Surrounded by Insanity. 

Your career is often at the mercy of other people’s decisions. No matter how hard you work, it can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle when you’re tasked with implementing ideas you know are doomed to fail. While it’s true you can’t control the stupid people who force these decisions on you, you can execute their bad ideas without ruining your career.

Donald Meador has seen a lot of bad ideas destroy promising careers during his time working in corporate America, and in Surrounded by Insanity, he lays out the simple steps you can take to avoid a similar fate. You’ll learn how important perception is to your career and see why managing the people around you matters more than your results. If your workplace is defined by insanity, this book is the guide you need to thrive amongst the chaos.